Backup your site before updating any plugins or themes

If you’ve spent any time in the WordPress dashboard you know that plugins, themes, and even WordPress itself gets updated every so often.

Now, before you go clicking that shiny new “update” button, make sure you take a backup. It’s entirely possible one of those fancy new updates won’t play friendly with your site.

I’m not saying every update is going to break your entire site every single time. Likewise, I can’t say that every update is going to work like magic straight out of the box either. We all love new features, c’mon, bells and whistles are awesome! But, it’s important you have a game-plan in place for a worst case scenario.

When it comes to updating your plugins, themes, or even WordPress itself there is an even better way to do this via what we call a “staging environment”.

We’ll dive deeper into this tip later (tip #5) but at the very minimum, make sure you take a full backup before committing to anything you can’t undo.

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