Backup your WordPress website, frequently

No backup, big problem. Backups are the insurance you must take out on your site.

No one likes to think about worst case scenarios, but they do happen, and if you don’t keep regular backups you’re dealing with DEFCON 1 of worst cases — your site going kaput. Simple mistakes turn into much bigger problems when you don’t have a backup, like forgetting to pay your hosting bill. I’ve seen it happen, and it’s not pretty.

Some managed hosting providers, like WP Engine, will create nightly backups for your site automatically, so you can set it and forget it. Not all hosts provide this level of service though, so you might need a backup plugin like Backup Buddy. This allows you to create full site + database backups with just one click and also to automate this process for future restore points. Consult with an expert if you need help setting it up.

If you’re not sure about your current backup situation simply pick up the phone, call your hosting provider and ask them. Do this before you reach out to and hire a WordPress expert. If your host isn’t backing up your website then it’ll likely take less than an hour to configure, and you won’t have to worry about it again.

Do you have the time or the resources to devote to re-building your entire website from scratch? If the thought of that scares the willies out of you, commit to solidifying your backup plan today!

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