Commit to Website Responsive Design

Responsive design simply involves the ability to appropriately adjust to every user’s screen size, device orientation and platform.

In a mobile-first world, it’s an absolute requirement for modern sites on the front end but can often feel like a duct-taped nightmare of media queries and assorted hacks under the covers.

There’s no getting away from it though: users rightly expect websites and apps to display and function flawlessly across myriad devices. As a developer, you know that a seamless experience across platforms requires a lot of testing and fixing, but that’s no excuse to slack off.

To underline how important this is, overlooking this crucial design element means you could be kissing goodbye to a third of website traffic.

Implementing responsive design needn’t be a daunting task however, and developers these days have it much easier than even a couple of years ago in this regard. Make sure you’re getting this right and not sabotaging your designs for a considerable part of your audience.

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