Keep up with Current Design Trends

This isn’t Vogue, so we’re not going to devote thousands of words to analyzing the in-and-outs of every current design trend.

You’re probably already unconsciously familiar with what’s hot purely by virtue of general web browsing. However, it’s well worth your while taking the extra effort to deliberately investigate major trends in order to stay current.

Topping the “Most Used” list these days is parallax scrolling: a simple but effective motion design technique where foreground images move faster than those in the background. This creates an eye-catching effect, is easy to implement and lends depth and visual interest to the design of pages. You’ll see this effect employed quite often to make headlines really pop and draw readers in.

Parallax is just a single trend highlighting the overarching scroll-heavy focus of much of today’s design. Infinite scrolling is another popular, though mildly controversial, technique.

Another current trend that rewards close study is material design: Google’s attempt to create a cohesive visual language across their products and services. Material design is focused on providing a seamless design experiences regardless of platform, with a mobile-first mindset.

Moving along, we come to card-based design (of which Pinterest is a classic example), a technique with an emphasis on the elegant visual display of condensed information.

These trends are so popular because they create visual engagement by following a simple set of good design rules. We’ll touch on many of these rules as we go through the rest of our list.

Getting familiar with current trends, like the ones we’ve highlighted, is a great way of turbo-charging your learning and almost instantly improving your overall design sensibility.

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