WordPress Security – Never use your domain name as admin

WordPress Security – Never use your domain name, site title or your own name as your administrative (admin) username.

We learned long ago to never use (or stop using) admin as our username on our WordPress sites, but almost equally as egregious as using admin as a username is to make your login easy to discover by using your domain name, site title or your own name.

Let’s say the domain for your WordPress site is allmywidgets.com, your site title is Widgets R Us and your own name is Wendell Widget. You would not want to use allmywidgets, widgetsrus or wendellwidget as your administrative username.


After hackers try figuring out your login credentials by using admin as the username first, they are then most likely to next try the name of your site, your site title and/or the name(s) in the by-line of your posts and/or pages.

If they guess right, then they have one half of the combination they need to hack into your WordPress site.

Consider making your username something only you and a very small group of other people would know. Do not be afraid to include numbers and/or random characters in your username, too, especially if you insist on using your domain name, site name and/or real name as your username.

Once your WordPress site is established, you are not allowed to change the username via the WordPress Dashboard, but there are two other ways to accomplish this.

If you would like more information on how to change your administrative username, contact the author of this article by clicking here. The information will be provided to you at no cost.

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