Training Terms and Conditions

Booking Procedure

A booking application is made by sending us an e-mail. The customer must ensure that his/her correct and complete contact details are supplied in the e-mail. By submitting an e-mail training course application the applicant indicates that he/she has read and understood and accepted these terms and conditions.

A sales consultant will contact the applicant to discuss and confirm the course details and at that time a provisional booking shall be made for the relevant course. Payment of the course fee is required to confirm a booking. The PDF invoice document will contain WordPress Training’ banking details as published on our website.

Payment Terms

The booking is confirmed once proof of payment is received by either fax or e-mail. The payment reference must contain the relevant quote or invoice number eg. wpt6879ct.

Terms for corporate/government clients may be arranged by negotiation with an authorized representative from each company, and under exceptional circumstances, in which case an official purchase order must be presented prior to the course(s). A purchase order must be considered a commitment by the customer or company to purchase a place(s) on a particular course(s) at a particular time as quoted or invoiced by Worepress Training, and therefore any cancellation or postponement of such place(s) on a course(s) will be subject to the relevant penalties and the purchase order remains valid and due for payment. You will get a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.


Notification of cancellation of a booking must be received in writing by fax or email. The following sliding scale applies to cancellations received less than ten working days before the scheduled start of the course.

Notice Period

Fee Forfeited

10-6 working days
40% unless put towards another course

5-3 working Days

2 working days or less

Delegates who fail to arrive on the day of the course, will be responsible for the full course fees. A delegate may send an alternative in their stead, as long as the alternative is a suitable training candidate who fulfills all of the course prerequisites. Worepress Training reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a course that fails to attract sufficient delegates. Worepress Training furthermore reserves the right to change the venue of any course at its discretion. In either case, the delegate will be advised at least two working days in advance via email and/or telephonically.

Repeating Courses

Delegates may request to repeat a course at a reduced rate of 50% of the published course fee. Such delegates will be placed on a standby list and will be notified of course availability within five working days of commencement of the course. The reduced course rate will cover lunch and refreshments but will not cover any manuals or course materials. The delegate may bring his/her original manual along where this is relevant. In the event of the delegate needing a new manual, an additional fee will be charged. The responsibility lies with the delegate to confirm at least 3 working days before the start of the repeated course, that he/she has the relevant manual.


All course fees do not include assessment. Where applicable, assessment may be separately purchased.

Certificate of Attendance

A Certificate of Attendance will be issue to all delegates who complete a course. Incomplete attendance will result in the forfeiture of the attendance certificate.

Training Times

Registration takes place from 8:45 a.m. on the first day of the course. Delegates must sign the Attendance Register in reception each morning on arrival. Worepress Training takes no responsibility for ensuring the attendance of delegates. Training takes place between 9:00 a.m. and 17:00 p.m. daily, unless alternate arrangements have been agreed to. Delegates need to consider traffic congestion on main roads and routes to ensure that they arrive on time. Should delegates need help locating accommodation nearby, Worepress Training will be happy to assist with a list of reputable guest houses in the vicinity.

General Conduct Worepress Training trusts that delegates will conduct themselves in a respectful and orderly and safe manner at all times while on our premises, and reserves the right to exclude delegates who cause a disturbance or who fail to comply with rules relating to the building or to public safety. We also request that cellular phones be switched off during training to reduce disturbances. Our venue is a non-smoking venue. Delegates may smoke outside provided that they comply with the current smoking laws of the South Africa.

Internet Usage Policy Worepress Training provides access to the Internet for the purpose of accessing information relevant to the course offered. By using our facilities, the delegate accepts that Worepress Training may monitor, record and publish all Internet usage activity. Permission for any private use shall be at the sole discretion of Worepress Training.

Non-Solicitaton of Worepress Training Staff

Training delegates have a unique opportunity to evaluate the skills and suitability of our staff through personal contact while on course. The delegate agrees not to use that opportunity to try and approach Worepress Training’ staff or contractors or agents with offers of employment whether temporary or permanent. Any business conducted with our staff must be made through Worepress Training as a company.


Delegates attending the course acknowledge that Worepress Training is not liable for loss of or damage to any person(s) and/or property, whether or not such loss and/or damage has been caused by any negligence of Worepress Training and/or its employees and/or its agents and/or its partners or not. In the event of Worepress Training being found liable, damages will not exceed monies paid to Worepress Training by the delegate for the course attended. No action or relaxation of any of these terms by will constitute a general waiver of these terms and conditions.