Run Regular Backups (And Actually Make Sure They Work)

With luck, nothing bad will ever happen to your site. But your site’s data isn’t something you want to leave up to luck. So – take luck out of it and run regular backups. Don’t fall prey to backup myths telling you that you don’t need one.

But beyond just “running” a backup. You also need to ensure two things:

Your backups actually work. Even huge companies like British Airways don’t always make sure their backup processes work  – which can cause problems.
Your backups are available.
To solve the first problem, you should at least periodically try to restore your backup to a test server.

For the second problem, I’m a fan of the 3-2-1 strategy:

Keep 3 total backups
With 2 in physical locations (like your computer or an external hard drive)
And 1 stored in the cloud
Additionally, try to keep backups for different time periods. Your backup won’t be any help if it has the same problem as your live site.

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