Test Your Forms

I cannot stress this tip enough. Testing your forms is massively important if you’re running any type of business. And it’s not just testing your forms, it’s testing your forms well.

This is something I personally made a mistake on that likely had a real effect on my business.

Last year, I changed contact form plugins and noticed a drop in the number of inquiries for my freelance writing services. It wasn’t a drop to zero…but about half of what I normally got. Naturally, my first reaction was to test my new form plugin again.

I sent a few test emails to myself and everything worked perfectly. Case closed, right? People must’ve just not been as interested in hiring me anymore, right? Eh, not quite.

Not to toot my own horn, but the drop was actually the result of a caching issue with my contact form plugin. But because I tested the form while logged into my admin account (which was excluded from caching), I never experienced the issue.

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