Understand the Importance of Fonts

In design terms, fonts are a very big deal indeed. There’s a reason designers don’t just slap everything up in Comic Sans or Courier and call it a day. Unless you’re running a gallery-based portfolio, the chances are that the vast majority of the content of your projects will be in text form.

In the bad old days, you could only choose from a limited set of fonts while doing web design, but those days are thankfully gone. Browser support for web fonts means that you’re now only limited by how much time you want to spend finding the perfect font fit for your site.

An ideal font will not take attention away from the content itself, or look out of place in the overall design. Choosing fonts and font pairings is a design decision that rewards careful thought.

Begin with a simple typographic primer, such as Matthew Butterick’s Typography for Lawyers, and you’ll feel those design muscles starting to flex straightaway.

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